We keep your software up and running, always.

Don’t let your software turn obsolete. Stay ahead of the game with the same old trick – regular maintenance.

Software maintenance offerings

The real-life of your product begins with its implementation. Together we can not only see its success but also be there for you before the unexpected happens. We will help you benefit from your product and make sure it always provides you with what you really need.

Application Re-engineering

You may have a legacy application and would like it to be enhanced for the modern infrastructure or add more features to it. We can help to fulfill all your needs by modifying the application. We assure you that it blends well with the current technological environments while retaining its actual value.

Issue tracking & resolution

You may be experiencing glitches and errors in the application and would like to update it for a flawless experience. We can find and fix any such issues in the application in the most appropriate way possible. Our approach is to run development and testing side-by-side for the best application improvement outcomes.

Performance Monitoring & Improvement

You can rest assured that your application always performs optimally as you need it to. Our performance monitoring services can address any bottlenecks that could affect its functioning or efficiency. We also work to issue regular updates for your application to keep new threats at bay.

Software migration & updates

You may be looking to move your application to a different platform or upgrade to a better server system. We can ensure that all your requirements for superior performance are met effectively with the best-in-class application migration and optimization solutions. We promise you improved productivity with nominal efforts.

Project on-boarding process

Everything starts with credible software maintenance & support – that includes identifying challenges, areas of improvement and planning for the business growth. To make systems highly compliant, smooth onboarding is an absolute must.


  • Knowledge transfer
  • Analyse software
  • Identify key pain points
  • Test the software


  • Fix issues
  • Document key features
  • Identify key pain points
  • Test the software

Maintenance & Support

  • Scheduled backups
  • Issue management
  • Ongoing fixes & upgrades
  • Regular performance & security fixes

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